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In medical institutions, what are the differences in the use of hand disinfection in medical departments or different occasion?

Quick drying hand disinfectant is the most suitable for ordinary medical institutions such as Quick-drying Non-washing Skin Sanitizer, Compound Alcohol Non-washing Sanitizing Gel and etc.
Non-washing Surgical Hand Sanitizer Gel (TypeⅡand Skin-Care Type) can be used in operation room,protect hands while sterilizing.
In high-risk areas, such as fever clinics or foci, Dedicated Hand Sanitizer has a good killing effect on enterovirus, adenovirus,influenza virus and etc.
For people allergic to alcohol, they can choose Non-alcohol Non-washing Hand Sanitizer or foam.

If there is someone injured,Which kind of product do you recommend and how to deal with it ?

If the wound is a shallow, bruised or abraded surface, it is recommended to use Skin Wound Cleanser and Disinfectant.
If the wound is deep, you need to wash the wound with 3% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, then use iodophor or disinfectant containing povidone iodine for disinfection, and then go to the medical institution for treatment.

How to disinfect the environment in public places?

Chlorine dioxide effervescent disinfection tablets and Effervescent disinfection tablets type Ⅱ can be used for disinfection of public places.

Chlorine dioxide effervescent disinfection tablets is suitable for disinfection of general surfaces, nonmetal medical instruments, swimming pool water, drinking water and food processing tools in families, hotels and hospitals.
Chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a safe ingredient for drinking water disinfection.

Effervescent disinfection tablet Type II,mainly composed of trichloroisocyanuric acid, is suitable for disinfection of hard surface and swimming pool water. It is suitable for disinfection of general pollutants and environment, pollutants of infectious patients, infectious lesions, etc.

How to disinfect children's toys and pet products in family life?

Household disinfectant, multi-purpose household disinfectant are recommended according to the product instructions to disinfect children's toys, pet products, bathroom, kitchen and other places where bacteria are easy to grow.

Which product can be used for air disinfection?

3% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, compound double chain quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant and monobasic peracetic acid disinfectant.
We have made the authoritative experimental report on air disinfection of these three disinfectants and used them in 1000 top three hospitals in China.

In the family, how to disinfect the skin before insulin injection or blood glucose test?

Wipe intact skin twice with skin disinfectant,like Eriodine Skin Disinfectant,2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Alcohol Skin Disinfectant,ect.
Wait for about 1 minute, and then take blood or puncture.

Is there any natural non irritating products for children?

Natural Liquid Hand Soap
Natural Liquid Hand Soap contains natural plant extracts skin-care ingredients.
It is neutral PH,low skin irritation with rich and fine foam, easy to rinse and no residue and the first choice for body bath of infants.

During COVID-19, how should we prevent the spread of viruses in daily life? What products are recommended?

For COVID-19, first of all, we should wash hands frequently, reduce the frequency and time to go to public places, wear masks in public places. Dispose of the waste masks with 75% alcohol disinfectant or Compound Double-Strand Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant disinfection before dropping them into the trash can.
Timely disinfection and Protect the health of family members in an all-round way.
Hand sanitizer can be used for hand disinfection.Disinfect clothes with Laundry Detergent & Disinfectant and free fabric surface disinfectant.The household products were disinfected with compound double chain quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant or household disinfectant.

Which endoscopes need to be sterilized ? which endoscopes need to be disinfected ? and what products are recommended respectively?

According to the requirements of "technical specification for cleaning and disinfection of soft endoscopes", endoscopes that contact with human sterile tissues, mucous membranes, damaged skin and mucous membranes need to be sterilized, such as cystoscopes and Arthroscopes, and other endoscopes need to be disinfected.
Monohydric Peracetic Acid Disinfectant is an ideal disinfectant for endoscope, which can achieve sterilization effect in 30 minutes, and the decomposition products are not harmful to the environment and water source.

If someone or medical staff is allergic to alcohol, What kind of disinfectant is better for hand disinfection?

Non-alcohol Non-washing Hand Sanitizer is recommended for hand disinfection.
This product adopts the compound formula of quaternary ammonium salt and chlorhexidine, which has good synergistic germicidal effect and little irritation. It can also be applied to children's hand disinfection.

The alcohol concentration of 75% alcohol hand sanitizer or disinfectant is high , will it irritate the skin?

We have done skin irritation test according to Chinese national "technical specification for disinfection". The test shows that our 75% alcohol has no irritation to intact skin.
Our raw material ethanol is purified from pure corn fermentation.After use, there is no harmful substance residue on the skin,so it can be safely used.